The Journey

Monday, January 7, 2019, 17:27

I recently had the experience of being drafted into helping clean the house of a friend who had fallen ill and was hospitalized.  My friend was a hoarder.  Her house was a disaster.

Cleaning this house was a job nobody wanted because it was not just full of junk and filthy but it was also infested with fleas from the seven dogs that had lived there.

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The seven dogs lived in cages and had often urinated and deficated on the floor under their cages.  The smell was unbearable in the summer heat.

The house had not been cleaned in years nor had the garbage been taken out.  It was disgusting beyond explanation.  Unfortunately, my friend did not seem to see it that way.  Nor did she realize that her horrible living conditions had caused the infection that almost took her life.  She thought everything was fine.

It's hard for anyone unaffected by a hoarding mentality to grasp how someone could live in an environment like that and think everything was OK.  It took over 2 months to clean it out and we lost count of the number of bags of garbage we hauled away.

As I have reflected on this experience I have realized that my friend's life and situation is a parable worth telling.  Not as a way to disrespect her, but to draw a parallel to the spiritual condition of the "Church" today.

There has been so much worldly influence, so much political correctness, so much sin that has entered the church that it has ceased to resemble what the Bible says it should be and look like.

Are you living a life where Jesus Christ is your first love and you are spending time with Him and allowing Him to change you from glory to glory by His word and His Spirit or are you stumbling around in darkness ignoring God, living as you please, and only maintaining a thin veil of "spirituality" on Sunday.

If you are living for yourself and not for Jesus you are like my friend who could not see the mess her life had become. You are endangering your spiritual life if you live in the filth so long you adapt to it and cease to realize it's there.



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